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We are always trying to improve upon our font viewer software. If you have any feature suggestions, problems, or questions, please feel free to contact us.

When we complete the change that you suggest, we'd be happy to link to your site in the updates section of our home page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Use myFontbook?

Well other than being free and that it works, myFontbook is really fast. Many font viewers take a long time to render your font catalog. myFontbook leverages your browser's native font rendering to deliver your font catalog quickly.

Why Register?

If you want myFontbook to save your tags and ratings, then you should register. myFontbook is not interested in profiting from your personal information, and we will not spam you or share your information with others.

Why is it Free? I bought a font viewer for fifty bucks.

Many web developers write helpful articles and post them online out of the goodness of their hearts. As an alternative way to give back to the community, we made this tool for you to use.

What about strings? Are there strings attached?

Nope. Nada. No strings attached.

Can I expect new features?

Yes. Check back often. The font viewer is a work in progress, so the tool is continually refined. If you are a registered user you will get an occasional email update about our progress. We maintain a short list of our recent updates on the bottom of the home page.

Why do some fonts not display?

One of the few limitations of web browsers, more specifically of CSS, is that some font variants can not be specified. Typically this effects the condensed font variants of a font family. The font viewer will display almost every primary typeface in a font family.

The font viewer does not work properly in my browser. Why?

If your web browser is a couple of versions old, you will encounter problems when using the font viewer (IE6 users, I'm talking to you). For security purposes alone, you should consider upgrading your browser. For users not using Internet Explorer, you will need Flash 9 or later installed in order for the font viewer to catalog your fonts.

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