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myFontbook is the tool that you need to organize your font collection. Our feature set continues to expand to suit the needs of the design community.

If you have an idea for a useful feature, please contact us.

Font Viewer Features

Font swatch viewer

Font Viewer

The font viewer window provides an overview of all your installed fonts, rendered and sorted for you convenience.

Proof Sheet

Print a selected font with several style samples with the click of a button.

View of font management organization feature

Tags & Favorites

Save tons of time by tagging fonts you are considering for an upcoming project, or rating fonts that you use frequently.

View of font management character tool


Typeface characters are easy to preview and listed with each ascii character code to make adding to web pages easy.

Screenshot of font management metrics view


Get a better view of letter spacing and line heights with the metrics view, which can be found at the bottom of the font viewer.

List & Swatch Views

View your font collection in the condensed swatch view, or switch to list view to see each typeface with expanded example text.

Sample Text

Easily change the sample text to view all your fonts rendered by example.

Body Text

The font viewer displays a sample of the selected typeface in a paragraph format so you can decide if the font fits your copy.

Fast Font Rendering

Font viewer renders your entire font library super fast. Compare the rendering time to other font management tools.

Nothing to Install

Installing software inevitably slows down your computer. That's why myFontBook is created for your browser. Though our font viewer is more responsive than other font management tools.

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